What Goes Into Estate Planning?

Not many people like having to deal with estate planning, especially after the tragic loss of a loved one, which can often be difficult to bear. However, if you plan your estate ahead of time, it can make the entire process much easier on everyone involved.

What is Estate Planning?

For starters, let’s first establish what exactly estate planning is. It is usually defined as the act of preparing one’s possessions for transfer after the passing of a friend or family member.

This would include pensions, assets, life insurance, real estate, vehicles, personal effects and even debts.

How to Plan Your Estate

So how exactly do you go about it? An attorney can help you move things along with planning your estate.

Typically, people make out a will. However, if that’s not the case for you, under the current US laws, the person’s possessions are typically transferred to the next of kin.

If you are unable to locate a next of kin, the fate of these possessions are determined by the US intestate succession laws.

While these laws do typically vary by state, they usually state that the possessions of the deceased are to become state property. The state is then free to use these assets any way they want.

If you do make out a will, however, then you simply divvy up the assets according to your wishes.

To learn more about the estate planning process, you should consult your Coachella Valley estate planning law firm.

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