Restrictions in Zoning Laws and How They Shape Communities

Zoning laws, regulations and ordinances control what you are allowed to use your property for. These laws shape the way communities and built and developed. Every time you purchase or improve a piece of property it is affected by zoning laws.

If you are not familiar with the laws, you can be prevented from developing property or renovations you made may have to be removed. Violations against zoning laws can result in fines and enforcement for the code you violated. 

The Restrictions

Zoning laws can change the value of a piece of land. Land zoned for building a subdivision will have more value than land restricted to agriculture. Although a certain piece of land may seem ideal for a specific purpose, if you do not check the zoning laws, you may end up with land you are unable to use.

Zoning Documents

Most jurisdictions have two main documents in regards to zoning. The comprehensive plan is the guide to being able to develop different areas. The zoning ordinance shows the current regulations and the classification of the land. The land classifications are recreational, commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural.

The Determination

You can figure out what district your property is located in with the zoning map. This is found in the zoning ordinance. The map is usually available on the Internet or through your local planning department.

If you are considering purchasing a piece of land it is wise to have a consultation with the Coachella Valley real estate law firm first. This is the best way to be certain you can use the land for your intended purpose.