Public Contract Bids Need the Expert Advice of a Public Law Attorney

Securing a public contract takes an understanding of the legal terminology involved in the bidding process. If you own a business and aspire to bid on a public project in the Coachella area, you should consult with our Coachella Valley public law attorney. Here’s why consulting with someone who is knowledgeable in the public bidding process could be the difference between winning the bid, and losing out on the opportunity.

Public Bids Require Legal Understanding

Public projects must be publicly advertised, adhering to specific legal guidelines and ordinances. There is a list of contractor qualifications and usually set deposit, or non-refundable fee. While a competent contractor should review the work details and visit the construction site, interpreting the contract language and negotiating problem areas, deserves the attention of a team that specializes in public law.

Denied for a Contract Mistake

Even though the dollar amount is usually tantamount to which business ultimately is offered the job, a properly written contract is essential before a bid is even considered. If the bid submitted does not meet all the requirements and address the entire legal scope of the project, the bid will not even be considered.

While it may be disappointing to lose a public project because you were outbid, having your ambitions denied because you made a mistake in submitting the contract, makes the difficult process essentially a waste of time. That is why hiring a Coachella Valley public law attorney is critical to guaranteeing that a bid is not denied because of a failure in the legal requirements.