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California can be a challenging state when it comes to developing real estate projects. It has some of the most stringent regulations in the nation, and these are constantly evolving to include even more obstacles to understand and overcome. Having legal counsel with the ability and experience to collaborate with applicable government agencies and navigate California’s daunting regulatory system is an invaluable asset for any land developer.

What Is A Discretionary Entitlement?

Discretionary entitlements, which are the legal right agreements between a land developer and regulatory body, are required for new buildings, remodeling existing buildings, altering the current use of land, and establishing use of new land. This is what dictates how property may or may not be used.

Beyond government obligation, entitlements affect the value of the land at hand; land entitled properly for intended and possible usages are significantly more valuable.

How Do I Get A Discretionary Entitlement?

Discretionary land entitlement for the acquisition and development of real estate can be a lengthy process, including innumerable disclosures, plot plan guidelines, permit requirements, and so forth.

And, it’s not just one regulatory body at play in the process of negotiating a project’s terms. Regulations exists from city, county, state, and even federal in some cases.

Property metrics, such as lot size, landscaping, setbacks, and height, are specific to each city and region. Properties must be entitled and zoned for use.

In totality, the process can take years without expertise navigating the system and strong relationships with government regulators.

Do I Need Legal Representation For Discretionary Entitlements?

Retaining legal counsel helps to expedite the process and ensure profitable ventures stay profitable. Many expensive complications and time-consuming headaches can be avoided in having such knowledgeable counsel working to ensure an all-around smooth process.

In addition to expediting and cost-management, legal representation also affords the land developer protection and legal guidance from project conception to finishing nail so that they can focus solely on the facets of the project itself.

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