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Key Areas of Land Use Laws in California

California is a word with multiple meanings. To some people, it is the epitome of the west coast. To others, it is Hollywood. To them, it is the city of dreams. Last but not least, California is a huge land mass. It is one of the largest states in America. With that being said, this state has several land laws set forth that prevent the exploitation of its resources. A simple land law is taken seriously in this state and can affect the state’s millions of residents. Therefore, zoning laws have to be concise and straightforward.

Land Development

A key area integral for land laws to be passed deals with the land development. Land development has to be in favor of the communities they serve. In fact, many of the development laws require subdivision approvals and all of the laws require permits. Another key area to consider is conservation. Due to the lack of rain in California, along with several wildlife losing their lives, many conservation laws are in place.

The Williamson Act

In particular, is the Williamson Act. The Williamson Act places landowners in a position of power by allowing them to freely sign contracts intended for their procurement. Signing such agreements gives them favorable monetary assessments on their properties.

Boundary Laws

Another area to consider are boundary laws. Boundary laws are responsible for establishing city limits and other districts. As a result, they dictate when land developments can take place. It also determines which local officials will have claims to the land.

Contact Our Palm Springs Land Use and Zoning Attorneys

These are only few of the criterion required to make land laws in California. Several other variables exist that are not easily understandable for the common man. Our Palm Springs land use and zoning attorneys make for great interpreters to someone who feels compelled to understand California’s stringent land laws.


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