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Why Same Sex Couples Need to Plan Their Estate

Things are changing for same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage is seeing growing acceptance, both socially and legally on a federal and state level. Same-sex couples aren’t the only “alternative” families. There are a growing number of people choosing to have children without waiting to get married first. Just because the law permits these “alternative” families doesn’t mean that laws affecting them are up-to-date. Continue reading

Palm Springs Corporate Law Firm Explains How the Defense of Marriage Act Brings New Changes Employers Must Enforce for Benefits

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of The Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8. Those who enter a same-sex marriage under California now will now be recognized as legal spouses under Federal Tax Laws. This is only applicable to those who are married. Palm Springs Corporate Lawyers are encouraging employers to raise awareness within the workforce and to treat same married same sex employees in the same regards as the treat heterosexual married employees. Continue reading