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How to Choose a Palm Springs Mergers and Acquisitions Firm for Business Transactions

Why Hire A Merger And Acquisition Advisor?

When you own or run a small business in Palm Springs, there are many reasons why you might want to engage the services of a (M&A) merger and acquisition advisor or one of the many Palm Springs mergers and acquisitions firms. Some of these reasons include the fact that they are able to represent your company in the sale of a company. Another great reason is that they can help your company grow by seeking and acquiring other companies on your behalf. Continue reading

5 Steps to Guarantee a Better Sale Or Financing of Your Company

Business transactions can be complex and take up a lot of time for business owners. Those who are active in their business could lose priceless hours getting a business ready for sale. Our Palm Springs business transaction law firm can take the guess out of it for you. Here are some top tips to help you step out of headache and into positive action towards the sale of your business. Continue reading

What is an S Corp Shareholder Agreement and How it Benefits a Business

An S Corp Shareholder Agreement or Buy-Sell Agreement is a suggested for anyone who has ownership in an S Corp business. S Corporations are businesses who elect not to pay federal income taxes because the business’s profits or losses for the year will be divided and paid to the corporation’s shareholders. It is then the shareholder’s responsibility to claim the income or loss when filing his/her income tax return. Continue reading