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Steps to Winning the Appeals Process

Losing your court case is not the end. If you feel the outcome was wrong or you want to protect a favorable ruling, getting a consultation with an established law firm can help handle the appellate process. SBEMP has experienced Palm Springs civil appeals attorneys who efficiently handle appellate law. 

The First Steps of the Process: 

  • After the decision, your lawyer files a notice of appeal.
  • A complete examination of all related documents to the court ruling will uncover any flaws to exploit in your case.
  • After this examination, your attorney will formulate a forward-thinking strategy and draft compelling appellate papers. 
    An appellate brief is drafted, then submitted to the court.
  • Your case is then heard in front of a panel of judges. 

Strategy Execution: 

Our skilled attorneys will use all the tools available to make a compelling argument for your case. This may include interlocutory appeals, or writs, to enhance your position during the trial process. 

The strength of the case in the appellate process depends on clear and validated facts. The Information must be written in a concise manner, backed by thorough research. The SBEMP attorneys then construct expert written and oral arguments. 

Recognizing how lives are impacted with appeals is of utmost importance. The attorneys of SBEMP have harnessed a thorough understanding of federal and state appellate court in California.

Our Palm Springs civil appeals attorneys are an invaluable resource. Contact our law offices to discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys.

Know How & When To Appeal A Case In Appellate Court

What Is An Appeal Under California Law

The Supreme Court of California has the original jurisdiction in several areas of law. A team of three judge-panels decide all cases in the California Appellate court. However, their decision on whether a case is eligible for appeal is based on some certain criteria. The opinion is published if it involves a new law, presents new evidence, or is a legal issue involving public interest. A legal representative who is experienced with the legal issues surrounding appeal cases could serve your best legal interests. Continue reading