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California Civil Rights

The Civil Rights Implementation Unit has a robust and vigorous commitment to enforce state and federal civil rights laws. This unit addresses a broad range of civil rights including:

– The Protection for Free Speech – Hate Crimes
– Worker’s Rights – Immigrants’ Rights
– Children’s Rights – Sexual Assault in Colleges
– Voting Rights – Education Rights
– Police Practice and Misconduct
– Reproductive Rights
– Human Trafficking Prevention under the – Housing and Employment Discrimination
Supply Chain Act in
California Transparency
– Disability Access Rights

Issues concerning civil rights get focus from the Civil Rights Implementation Unit. The children’s Justice Bureau, founded in February 2015 by Attorney General Kamala D. Harris, uses many tools to protect children’s rights and focuses on the importance of taking care of the full potential of every child.

Underground Economy Unit

The Underground Economy Unit in California works to safeguard the rights of workers, taxpayers and legitimate businesses by prosecuting violations of the labor laws in California. They include unpaid overtime, theft of wages, employee misclassification evasion and payroll tax fraud.

This unit also identifies civil rights violation. This is done by closely working with the state, federal, public and local government agencies to locate potential civil rights initiatives. When violations are confirmed, this unit represents the Attorney General to prosecute all those involved.

This section also provides legal representation to state agencies charged with violating civil laws. They provide consultation and advice to the agencies provides representation before the federal and state trial courts.

Civil Rights Implementation Unit

The Civil Rights Implementation Unit files and prepares friend-of-the-court briefs on behalf of the AG and other agencies from the third-party clients to resolve the significant issues.

Moreover, the Civil Rights Implementation Unit educates the general public about the federal civil rights and California laws to ensure that they are aware of their remedies and rights under the law. They engage in outreach to the public and civil rights community to acquire information for litigation.

For more information, please contact our Coachella Valley government legal counsel.

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