3 Types of Fraud in Businesses that Leads to Litigation

Whenever there is a serious business disagreement, there is always the possibility of litigation. Before getting involved in business litigation, it is important to be aware of what business litigation entails. 

Fraud and Misrepresentation

Business disputes involving fraud, misrepresentations, and/or other forms of deceptive business practices are very serious and must be handled quickly. An attorney should handle these matters with experience in this area of law in order to protect a company’s economic interests.

Fraud can arise in any situation including real estate transactions. Some companies have committed fraud through this means by providing false information to banks and other businesses in order to secure a financial business loan. Anyone involved in this type of false and misleading practice will be held legally liable when the loan goes into default.

Unfair Competition

Fraud also involves unfair competition, which includes misappropriation, false advertising, trademark infringement, infringement on publicity rights, infringement on privacy rights, misleading marketing statements, and product disparagement.

Contract Interference

Contract interference is a common aspect of fraud in the business world today. This fraud involves one party interfering with other companies’ contractual relationships. Companies involved in this type of fraud may be able to obtain compensation for any losses, including material losses.

All areas of fraud should be taken serious. If you believe that your business is the victim of fraud, please contact our Coachella Valley business litigation attorneys.